Rise Of eSports In India — How eSports Is Gaining Popularity In India

The online gaming industry has touched the mark of 40% in terms of a compound annual growth rate. Recently Deloitte India has released a report that says the annual growth will reach 2.9 billion dollars by 2022. The reason behind this sudden rise of esports in India is the huge increase in smartphone usage.

Today’s generation is not only using smartphones but also other smart devices. Affordable data and increasing disposable incomes are making it easier for them.

This rapid growth is expected to strengthen all the sector shares of media and entertainment by 4 to 5 %. Researchers have found that the time spent on gaming platforms or on any gaming applications has increased by 25%, during the nation-wide lockdown phase.

Well, the numbers may come down after the arrival of the vaccines as there will be an economic resumption of the activities.

The online gaming community has benefited from developers and other direct foreign investments. Chinese companies like Tencent, Alibaba, and others are all in haste and are all in competition to claim a stake in the industry.

Overview of the gaming industry and its Outlook

After smartphones have been launched in the industry the online gaming market is booming and also it is driving rapid adaptations among all the Millenials. According to the study of the KGMP, most of the age of the Online gamer is between 20 to 24 years.

This young generation enjoys such games directly through the gaming portals or various gaming applications. These resources are readily available nowadays.

The numbers of home-growing game developers are also increasing. They are helping out the local game content and increasing online appetite gaming also.

Generally, the online gaming industry is divided into 2 main parts, they are:

  1. Mobile gaming
  2. Fantasy Sports (esports)

Mobile gaming

India’s mobile applications market has drawn vast attention globally. Online games have been a primary aspect since 2016.

But in the case of gaming downloads, India has jumped into first place globally surpassing Russia and Brazil in the last five years. All this happened due to the growth of powerful low-cost smartphones.

Today, India is the prime market with local and international gaming developers.

Let’s take a deep view into what the numbers have to say concerning Mobile gaming

  1. According to gaming analytics, in quarter 1 the number of mobile gamers grew from 1.2 billion people to 1.80 billion people per month making an increase of 46% in growth.
  2. 21% of android and 25% of iOs applications downloaded are games.
  3. Consumers pay up to 19 Billion Dollars on Mobile gamings in Quarter 2 of 2020. It represents the largest quarter of the year, though these numbers are from the app Annie.
  4. It is estimated that by 2022 the android app will be responsible for 56% of all mobile game revenue.

Online Fantasy Sports Gaming:

OFSG (Online Fantasy Sports Gaming) is nothing but a skilled-based online gaming platform. It allows all sports fans to create their own team composed of real-life players from the various leagues across India.

All these sports include Cricket, Football, Hockey, Basketball Kabaddi, etc or any other sports games of India.

The virtual team earns the points based on their performances of their playings during the real-time matches and players get ranked based on points. The most popular Online Fantasy Sports Gaming platform is Dream 11 and My Team 11.

Online Gaming Tournaments in India :

Gaming communities are getting well-recognized globally. The gaming community has grown a lot in the last few years.

A lot of companies are now spending huge chunks of money behind all these gaming tournaments. They are spending money for sponsorships, advertisements, and also for prize money.

The USA now recognizes professional gamers athletes. China has opened a 4 Million square feet town complex as well which is entirely dedicated to eSports.

This arena attracts around 12000 eSports players during a tournament, resulting in generating 150 million in tax revenue.

In the case of India, eSports is still young and it’s in a growing stage. Many reputed organizations such as like Nazara Technologies, Jetsythesys are showing interest in eSports as well.

You will be surprised to know that one of the biggest graphics card manufacturing companies “NVIDIA” has opened up its gaming center in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.

Some of the famous championships in which India participated to date are:

  1. Call of Duty world league.
  2. League of Legends world championship.
  3. Fortnite World Cup
  4. PMCO Esports.

In these tournaments, some of the Indian players have performed really great in many global events. Some of the Indian Players in the gaming community are:-

  1. Team Wolf.
  2. Team Soul.
  3. Team Hydra.

And many more……

South Asia’s biggest eSports company “NODWIN” gaming announced its first-ever Call of Duty online mobile tournament. The name of the tournament was “Call of duty mobile India challenge 2020”.

They announced a prize pool of 7 lakh INR for the first runner-up. You can only imagine how fast the esports community is rising globally.

The record-breaking Activision Blizzard title has found great success with in one month of its release and they haven’t stopped after that. The entire Gaming Community of India welcomed the eSports tournament with a warm heart.

With this tournament, the “NODWIN” gaming aims in building a robust ecosystem for its game and the gaming community across India.


ESports gaming has gathered a great spot in India along with creating great job opportunities. With the passing phase of time, it’s going to create more impact on society.

Nowadays parents are being very supportive as well. They support their child if they want to grow their future in this field.

With the help of Youtube, their talents are getting more exposure which is a positive sign for the present and as well as for the future.

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