Learn Ios App Development As A Beginner — Is It Hard To Learn?

Is Ios development really hard to learn? Well, It’s very often people ask this question and trust me there is no easy way to answer this question.

Being a developer, the term “app” which is also known as application has covered lots of grounds. Starting from impressively complex feats of technological wizardry to almost unbelievably simple gadgets.

The mobile application industry is huge. For instance if you calculate the estimate then Apple has distributed almost 12million dollar to the developers around the globe.

While billions of android devices were shipped, it’s almost like the “dot-com” boom which happened in the late 90’s. Well those who were lucky enough to catch the mobile application wave in the early 90’s early stage mostly are really going good now with the technology.

Learning Ios app development — Is it really hard?

Well talking about developing an app, let me tell you it’s not how difficult the app is. It’s always the end product which determines how complicated the application is.

Gathering all sorts of prototypes is one thing and creating and finishing a multi-platform, user friendly application is different. It’s not that creating an application is followed by any hard steps, it is just the second step of the development process.

There are 4 stages of developing an application, they are: –

Assessment to technical feasibility:

Technical requirements of applications is very complex. Before you go for building an application you have to first look into the back end part.

First you need to have a clear understanding about the features you are trying to provide. Also you need to research the API’s that support the functionality which you are trying to provide.

Mental Prototyping :

This is the place where you sketch or make a permanent planning of how you are going to build your app. Such as how the application will work, while doing this whether it requires whiteboard or wireframing the application.

Find the relevant designs and workflow or user flow to get a better understanding.


While prototyping you have to build some concept model as a proof and test so as to refine the concept. This phase is very important and it varies a lot depending how you are going to prototype the application.

It shows how the application is laid out and contains good animations but when it comes to interaction you can’t interact with them being an actual app user.

Research and Pre — Planning :

In this phase the developer makes a plan about how he’s going to build the application. He creates a plan of what will be the purpose of it, whom to target for the marketing and how much revenue can be earned from that application.

You also need to do thorough research on the competitors, about their planning, their motto and objective before building your own application.

Where exactly are you starting from?

If you are a web developer or willing to learn mobile app development then there are several useful tools. You can create a mobile application with the help of those tools.

Some of the tools are Appcelerator, Alpha anywhere, Corona lab, Phonegap and others.

Phonegap is generally used for making mobile platform web views. It is used to render the contents and on the other side a webpage passing as a native application.

Developing an application in such a way that it can be accessible in any device. Also you have to look for the UX that fits well in other native platforms.

Having basic knowledge about programming will give you more leverage while making an app.

If you ask me then I will say not to go for mobile development right away. You need to take time and think about the final project that you will be making while learning the mobile app development or after getting the mentor.

Build you first Ios App :

Well, talking about building up the first Ios application there are some things that you need to follow. Firstly you have to know what kind of application you want to build.

You don’t have to wonder if any kind of application is already present or not in the store. The goal is not to become a millionaire but to build your own Ios application.

After you have decided what kind of Ios application you want to build, you have to find some relevant applications and install them.Gather knowledge about how their application works and plan accordingly.

And after you’re done with it it’s time to ask yourself what you are liking about the application and what you are disliking in about it. Then try to find out why you are disliking that portion in the application.

Developing an application is not only about programming. You have to think from the user’s point of view.

The more user friendly it will be the more relevant users you will get to download the application for their phones. It must look and feel good.

You need to have a blueprint in your head about how the application is going to be. Think about how many pages will be there in the application, how they will look.

These are the things you have to keep in mind while creating an app. So you need to have this skills if you want your app to perform well.

Practicing yourself for Ios development :

Having only theoretical knowledge about developing an application in Ios is not enough. You need to have lots of practical knowledge as well.

To be a good mobile app developer, the most important thing is to learn about the process. Gathering bookish knowledge will not be enough for you to be a good developer.

You just have to start building an app practically. The more you practice the more it will become easier for you.


So, This is what you need to know about the Ios application development. Of course it’s not that easy but it’s not impossible.

If you have the potential and knowledge you can build an application easily. You just have to be creative and give maximum time in learning about Ios app development.

Because that’s how you can become a good and professional mobile application developer.

Original article : Learn Ios App Development As A Beginner — Is It Hard To Learn?

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