How Is Augmented Reality Being Used In Various Businesses?

In today’s world, businesses are proceeding more and more towards advancement and so are their interactional methods with their own customers.

Augmented Reality in business is improving consumer satisfaction. It’s revolutionizing the customer experience by overlaying and sharing physical objects, spaces and images on a user’s point of view towards the real world.

Be it placing a furniture in your homespace or applying various make up filters to experience your dynamic shades of beauty- AR does it all!

Different kinds of businesses have opted for the application of interactive tools. They are using innovative tools for the brands to provide a 3D experience to their customers with the help of mobile technology.

Infact, marketers can also build an enriching and a much more interdependent relationship with their consumers.

Social AR platforms such as Snapchat continue to expand the AR user base. In fact, eMarketer estimates that there will be 47 million AR users on U.S. social networks by 2021, up from 38 million in 2019.

Achieving greater consumer confidence was another reason behind the success of Perfect Corp’s customer-driven YouCam Makeup app. YouCam lets customers try on makeup digitally.

According to Alice Chang, the founder and CEO of Perfect Corp., digital try ons are more sanitary than community testers. “Prior to Covid, consumers suffered from increased hygiene concerns,” she told Inc. via email.

“As a result of the pandemic, people are more aware of hygienic practices and physical testers are quickly replaced by digital devices that are safer, more convenient, and hyper-realistic.”

In response to this pandemic, many AR development companies have become more aware of personal hygiene. Physical tests are rapidly being replaced with more accurate, safer, and convenient digital try-ons.

The coverage of lipstick by masks and the wearing of makeup by fewer people at home have caused You Cam’s virtual try-ons to increase by 33 percent.

The company has also recently raised $50 million in funding. Since the start of the pandemic.

Augmented Reality in business has now brought an added value to customer shopping experience. AR is helping customers by pivoting their way through gaming and entertainment industries to business brands and other multinational companies.

People get a feeling of human connection even when they are unable to be physically present in the computerized environment.

Some ideas to apply augmented reality in business:

Sports apps:

AR, when implemented in various sports apps, can help you get the statistics and see the ball trajectory along with its speed inside the stadium.


Consumers can now walk around with their smartphones and observe the price and characteristics of each and every product they come across.


A number of retailers, including Wayfair and Ikea, have been offering the virtual try-on experience since early 2019. However, Warby Parker’s app allows customers to virtually try on frames since early 2019.

End Note:

Throughout the upcoming decade, augmented reality stands to be one of the leading driving forces behind retail and marketing innovations. With AR, forward-looking companies will be able to upgrade the experience they offer their customers, resulting in increased sales and business opportunities.

Original article : How Is Augmented Reality Being Used In Various Businesses?

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