Difference Between Data Science And Computer Science — What Should You Choose?

While the tech industry is blooming everyday, there’re still some people who don’t have a clear understanding about the recent technology advancements. Some people don’t have a clear idea about the difference between data science and computer science.

They think that data science is the same thing as computer science.

The world today is incomplete without datas. There is plenty of datas that is being created at every moment.

If this data is somehow analyzed or or interpreted to find out what the user wants. This data helps us to plan our innovations accordingly.

We can come up with a huge revolutionary system where all the business can solve thousands of issues. They can solve the problems that a common man faces in their everydays life.

That too at a very nominal cost. It can improvise and also improve with the passing days of time.

What is the difference between Data science and Computer science?

In case of Computer science you can learn about computer coding, software operations, graphics designing and more stuff. Basically the degree of computer science leads to the career of IT and software engineers.

Now when it comes to the Data science part it also has the coding language to phrase through the vast amount of datas. But it does not concern the software part which computer science does.

Instead Data science deals with the algorithms which detects all sorts of patterns and detects the outcome of it for future. Data science is a mix field between computer science and statistics.

But statistical analysis is nothing new. The scale of analytics, data sets and computing power needed for the analysis is certainly a new thing in today’s time.

In the case of data science we have to collect a large number of datas and analyze them to get valuable insights of things. Programmers who are involved in the data science field use programming languages like JAVA and Python and softwares like Hadoop to refine and display their findings.

Job titles in Computer Science and Data Science

If you are thinking about which field to study, then it will be good for you to know about what sort of job you’ll get after doing both of these courses. To do so we have to get some real time data analysis of computer science Bachelor’s Degree.

The most common job title in this field is software development engineer, software development in JAVA and network engineer.

If you talk about the salaries of Data scientists and Computer science students then there’ a fact you should know. A Data scientist earns much more than a computer scientist.

The job responsibilities of a Data scientist are much higher. Data scientists have to handle huge and impulsive amounts of datas created for any sort of business everyday.

The average Salary paid to data scientists in the US is $113,309. Whereas Computer scientists get $110,086 every year.

A Data scientist needs to have all kinds of technical skills to analyze all the everyday collected data. Having exceptional technical skills as well as communication skills, wil help you advance your career as a data scientist.

Job Duties of a Computer scientist and Data Scientist

This is the most important and the most vital point that is to be considered between Data science and Computer science. Well talking about Job duties of two different fields there are plenty of variations between these two individual jobs.

Computer Science:

1. Creating and Modifying Software and mobile apps.

2. Collaborating with a team of programmers to build and optimize code.

3. Testing Documenting and debugging codes.

4. Designing components of an application.

5. Information Security Analytics.

Data Science:

1. Collecting, cleaning and organizing with data sets.

2. Undertake Processing of structured and unstructured Data’s

3. Combine models through ensemble modeling.

4. Build Predictive models and machine learning algorithms.

5. Identify valuable data sources and automate collection processes.

Succeeding in Data Science and Computer Science

Data Science:

Generally Data scientists work with all the executives and stakeholders to increase their important job roles. They look after how data can be used to improve their business to take it forward.

To become a successful data scientist you need to have the new ideas, flexible and adaptable to all sort of situations. You have to be capable of developing and proposing innovative solutions.

This will help you stay focused on the data science projects and will also help you to take the decisions. Not only this but also you should be aware or should pay attention to datas that the company is collecting or intending to collect or discard.

Computer Science:

In the case of Computer Science, they seem to be like mathematicians. They deal with conceptualizing, computational and all sorts of math related issues and challenges.

They also deal with coding, developing Websites and developing all kinds of applications. Basically they look after the mathematical tools that play an interactive tool between a person and a computer system.

Besides having strong computer skills and technical skills, computer scientists should also have communications skills and teamwork skills as well. A computer scientist has to be efficient in programming languages.

For that he or she has to keep himself or herself updated with all kinds of updates and also keeping himself or herself well practiced.


Both Data science and Computer Science are interesting and have a great impact in the market when it comes to jobs or careers. You yourself have to ask in which field you want to process and why is that going to happen.

Take your time and think about which field you are really interested in and why? The answer you will get, will be the path for making yourself established for the future.

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