6 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python in 2021

The IT industry is moving at a rapid pace. You get to hear about a new technology or programming language that is emerging and reinforced by people every day. Now why should you learn python in 2021?

For beginners who are uncertain about which programming language is best for them, this becomes daunting.

Python is growing big day by day. In upcoming days it is going to create history in the Data science world.

If a person is going for any Programming post or a blog then they might have noticed how vastly the programming language has grown within the past few years.

Back in 2016 python has replaced JAVA in every school and colleges and that’s where the rise of python took place.

But all we all know if there are pros there will be cons also. Now you must be thinking why all of a sudden python accelerated in such a rapid way. Why not C++ why not JAVA script code?

Well it’s not like C++ or the JAVAscript code doesn’t have the potential to grow in the market like python did. Of Course everyone knows that python is the most simple and easy to learn programming language.

That’s why developers are accepting python rather than C++ or the JAVAscript code.

There are experienced programmers and developers who have already worked with Ruby, JAVA or the JAVAscript. They know that working in Python will be much easier and it’s powerful too.

Python is a blessing for those who are new to the coding world. It gives you the ability to ignore the useless things rather focus on the useful and exciting things.

For instance Python has the ability to run multiple programs without changing any aspects unlike other programming languages. Well, if you are a JAVA developer then you can give the programme a groovy texture.

But developers do not always prefer grooviness. Python offers you wide reach in APIs, libraries, framework and domains like Data science, machine learning and web development.

Why should you go for python in 2021?

If you are willing to learn python but not sure why you want to go for it, then here are five highlighted reasons of why you should be going for python in 2021. Rather going for any other programming languages like JAVA or C++.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning has grown rapidly in the last couple of years. It is changing everything we see around us.

Algorithms are becoming sophisticated day by day. The best example of machine learning is google search algorithm.

Google search algorithm iis helping each of us by providing us the actual result for what we are expecting. Not only this, it also has a chat box to guide us as well, in case we face any sort of issues or difficulties.

This algorithm is phenomenal when it comes to machine learning language. Python makes this process much easier.

Well, though there are many machine learning libraries available in java. But you will find more content in python.

That’s why 9 out of 10 developers prefer python when it comes to Data science or Machine learning.

Web Development

The good old development is another reason why a person should go for python. It offers a wide range of libraries and frameworks like Django and Flask which makes web development more easier and comfortable.

The task, which takes hours in PHP, just takes a few minutes with Python. It is also used in a lot of web scraping.

Some of the popular websites are “Reddit” the entire programming of Reddit has been done using Python.

Data Science

Data science is one of the main reasons why all the programmers are learning python. Previously python was used for building applications and for writing scripts for automation.

But now python has uplifted the whole new trend of Data Science. Programmers or the Data Science people prefer python over any other language. Python simplicity, great community and capabilities to calculate huge numbers of calculations, makes it a reliable source.

Some of the famous python and framework which are popular in data science fields are :-

  1. Pandas which is used for data analysis
  2. Numpy which is used for Numeric and scientific calculations.
  3. Matplotlib and Seaborn which is used for Data Visualization.
  4. Scikit — Learn which is Machine Learning Language
  5. Tensorflow and Keras which is used for machine and deep learning.

Artificial Intelligence

The term Artificial Intelligence or AI signifies the future of the coming era.

Computers and Machines are used to calculate heavy calculations at a blazing speed. But now big organisations ,institutes and researchers are planning to create an intelligent machine which will perform tasks like humans do.

In the long run machines will be capable enough to understand humans’ minds and emotions and their languages as well. By using python, programmers can do all these stuff which were not possible before.

Some of the python libraries which are used to build artificial intelligence are:-

  • NLTK — Natural language toolkit for Natural language processing.
  • Open-CV — Open source Computer vision library.
  • Keras — Deep Learning Library.
  • Microsoft Cognitive Tool — Kit — Deep learning framework.


Python makes the life of a programmer easier by automating scrapping a website. It can be used to collect data, automation of test cases in software development areas, and creating automatic mundane office tasks.

Python has the ability to read or to get access to all the files and folders which saves a lot of times for the programmers or the developers from doing repetitive work.

The kind of library or the framework used in Automation are:-

  1. Robot Framework
  2. Pytest
  3. Selenium Python.
  4. PyUnit.

Hence, by going to the points we can easily get a clear view that python is much more reliable and efficient for the programmers in the long run.

How you can learn Python

There are six ways by which you can learn python.

  1. Strengthen the basics — It all starts with the basics a person or a programmer should learn and understand the concepts and the terms of the programming language before the user goes for learning.
  2. Master the Object — Oriented Programming — Object — Oriented programming is a way of solving all problems by thinking about the real world issues in the form of objects and classes.
  3. Learn decision making and control flow — After you are done with the basics the programmer should go for the decision making in programming language.
  4. Practice Programming — To make yourself a good programmer you need to give yourself the entire day solving different categories of problems. So, to be a good programmer practice is mandatory.
  5. Creating your own web app by using framework — In such a Programming environment, the program for server side is used in python.
  6. Getting yourself to work on Python projects — A Programmer should go for the python projects and build their own ideas. It will boost the person as well to build the career of the person and make the person a good Programmer.


In Today’s time there is a vast growth in python programming language in every sector and in every industry. So choosing such Programming language will definitely help you become a good programmer.
Hope this article has boosted a little bit of your knowledge about python. If you want to read more about AI, read our article about uses of ai in industries.

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